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Bug in libraries/libldif/line64.c and servers/slapd/filterentry.c

I've found (what I consider) code bugs in libraries/libldif/line64.c and
servers/slapd/filterentry.c in the OpenLDAP distribution (found in 1.0.1,
but extant in the new 1.0.2 release). The specific problems are:

	line64.c - attempting to add padding bytes at the end of a binary
attribute when the padding bytes are written immediately after END-OF-LINE
results in creation of an invalid LDIF-formatted entry in
	filterentry.c - the LDAP_FILTER_GE and LDAP_FILTER_LE cases of the
switch() statement in test_ava_filter() ignore the "=" condition.

I have code patches that address both of these problems. What is the
appropriate mechanism for submitting these patches for inclusion in a future

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