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Re: OpenLDAP under SunOS?

Sorry, I was under the assumption that most people refer to SunOS 5.x as
"Solaris" and SunOS 4.x as "SunOS" ;-) ... so I'm having trouble with the SunOS
4.x build.

The regexp.h in SunOS doesn't apparently have anything to do with this... looks
like the POSIX regexp support mentioned in the CHANGES file has clobbered the
out-of-the-box compilability under SunOS 4.x, which doesn't have regcomp(3) and

Compiling the gnu regex library and using its header file and regex.o as part of
the build for libldap does do the trick, but it means that people can't compile
this without first going and compiling something else (and changing the sunos4
platform makefile) in order to get this to work. The PORTS document is then not
correct in stating that openldap can compile and build on SunOS 4.x. That's
unfortunate, as the umich code does in fact build properly under SunOS, without
needing to augment one's system beforehand.


David J N Begley wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Eric C. Hagberg wrote:
> > Has anyone compiled OpenLDAP 1.0.1 under SunOS? It doesn't seem to work,
> > as libldap/getfilter.c tries to include <regex.h> which SunOS doesn't
> > have.
> Which version of SunOS?  It runs fine under SunOS 5.5.1 for me;  I only have
> access to one SunOS 4.x machine now (everything else upgraded to 5.x), and it
> doesn't have a <regex.h> header but it does have <regexp.h> - I haven't
> checked to see how (dis)similar the two might be.  One possibility may be to
> install the GNU regex library into /usr/local and link against that whilst
> building OpenLDAP.
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