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Re: Can't stop slapd correctely

You might experiment with adding 'flushwrites' ldbm directive.

This directive is experimental and hence not yet documented.
In fact, we may make this the default behavior.


At 11:16 AM 9/15/98 +0200, Jocelyn Callier wrote:
>Hello everyone.
>I just compiled and install the new version of openldap-release.
>This version works quite well, but I have a little problem :
>I can't stop the slapd server properly.
>So, can somedoby tells me how to kill the server ?
>When I use kill, the server stop, but it damages the ldbm backend (i.e I
>can't reuse it anymore)
>Thanks for help !
>Jocelyn Callier
>CRI - Archamps