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slapd freezes


We where using the rage.net version of the UMich slapd daemon, and
experiencing ocasional "freezing"

We finally moved from the UMich slapd to the OpenLDAP slapd, and the 
serverstill ocassionally freezes.  I ran slapd in debug mode with the 
"-d1" option, and this is what I catch before the freeze:
	pthread_create failed
	ber_get_next on fd 7 failed errno 0 (Success)
	*** got 0 of 0 so far
	pthread_create failed

Our client software is all Java talking to ldap via JNDI.  I wonder
if that has anything to do with the probelm...

Any ideas?  


Guillermo Payet                         voice:       408.466.0700
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