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Re: Missing files for WinNT build of libraries


I am afraid that the NT port may need a little work.  I've been
too busy to take a serious look at it.

Ian wrote:
>When attempting to build the LDAP libraries for WinNT using the 
>environment setup by ldap\libraries\msdos\winsock\setupwsa.bat 
>there appears to be some files missing, namely "regex.c" and 
>"regex.h".  I assume these are some infamous copyright regular 
>expresion routines (hence excluded). 

OpenLDAP now uses POSIX regex(1) routines.  The old BSD routines
are history.  Assuming NT supports POSIX regex(1), you should
just be able comment out references to local versions of regex.c
and regex.h.  If NT doesn't support POSIX regex, we have a freely
redistributable version available.
>Also the MSVC makefile seems to have the source tree for some of the 
>files absolutely specified as "\src\ldap-3.3b1\libraries\liblber" 
>(easy to fix but inconvienient;-).

I am sure the MSVC will need additional work to handle new files
(and a new library in -devel).

>There obviously has been a source that is complete as the 
>was built from something.

We have not integrated this in.

>Before I start hacking I just wanted to check if there is a better 
>version of the source for WinNT than the "openldap-stable.tgz" I 
>have currently started with.

I would actually recommend porting -devel.  First, we like changes
to general migrate from -devel to -stable.  We would only apply
a change directly to -stable in the event that the code being
patched was depreciated in -devel.   Second, -devel has the latest
enhancements and bug fixes that need to be ported (some will merged
into stable soon).

Of course, the port is "stable" in -devel, we'll want to merge it
into -stable.  There will be a few issues to resolve to make this
happen cleanily.  We'll just have to sort 'em out when the time

>When I get the libraries to clean compile and work to whom should 
>I send the amended Makefile and documentation?

You should submit your patch to this list, OpenLDAP-bugs@OpenLDAP.Org.
If you have questions concerning development, we also have
the OpenLDAP-devel@OpenLDAP.org list.   As a last resort, you can
pester me.