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Missing files for WinNT build of libraries

Dear Sir/Madam,

When attempting to build the LDAP libraries for WinNT using the 
environment setup by ldap\libraries\msdos\winsock\setupwsa.bat 
there appears to be some files missing, namely "regex.c" and 
"regex.h".  I assume these are some infamous copyright regular 
expresion routines (hence excluded).  

Also the MSVC makefile seems to have the source tree for some of the 
files absolutely specified as "\src\ldap-3.3b1\libraries\liblber" 
(easy to fix but inconvienient;-).

There obviously has been a source that is complete as the 
was built from something.

Before I start hacking I just wanted to check if there is a better 
version of the source for WinNT than the "openldap-stable.tgz" I 
have currently started with.

When I get the libraries to clean compile and work to whom should 
I send the amended Makefile and documentation?


Ian Brabham

Sir John Monash Business Centre P/L email: Ian.Brabham@SirJohnMonash.com.au
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