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Kerberos V patches

These patches are intended for people who are using Kerberos V compiled
with Kerberos IV compatibility. It defines a new variable "KERBEROS_V"
and appropriately checks for it in all OpenLDAP files that require
Kerberos support. I guess this could be a preliminary "fix" untill
Kerberos V support gets in place...anyways..keep up the good work (btw
the patches should work with clean Kerberos IV aswell but I haven't
tried it, no can do).
A question though, I have compiled the ldap-3.3 and now openldap aswell,
and same problem ocurrs..I start it up, put some new values in (just
like in the LDAP Admin guide) and try to search for 'objectclass=*' but
I get no response from the server, sometimes if says 'can't contact LDAP
server' and sometimes it just hangs there as if it were waiting for a
connection. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Any special needs with
regards to routing or reverse lookups ? 
Best regards,


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