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Re: Dirty compile under Slackware 3.5

At 11:04 AM 9/1/98 -0600, Richard Krukar wrote:
>	Looks like a pthread definition problem.  You could try
>commenting out any THREADS type options in Make-common.  You'll
>be running single threaded, but that's better than not running.

The THREADS must be defined to one of the listed options.
As Linux as a platform default for THREADS, commenting out
THREADS?=-DNO_THREAD has no effect under Slackware.

The distribution default is to use -DNO_THREADS unless THREADS
is defined in Make-platform.   To use something other than
the platform default, you should explicitly define the option
in Make-common.

Hence, to force use of NO_THREADS, define the variables as follows
in Make-common:

	-- Kurt