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Server Transition

The OpenLDAP Project's servers have been hosted at the Internet Software Consortium's data center since the Project's inception. We are deeply grateful to the ISC for their support for OpenLDAP and open source through all these years. However, the Project's actual servers are showing their age, with a number of hardware issues cropping up recently.

We have now migrated the Project's servers to Linode.com, which allows us to provision the Project services without worrying about hardware. The new platform will also allow us to upgrade the infrastructure to more modern software as well. While we believe all of the old services have been migrated intact, some things may have fallen through the cracks. Please notify us using the ITS if you see anything missing.

Thanks again to the ISC for providing us a home for so many years, and thanks to Linode.com for donating our new home.
  -- Howard Chu
  CTO, Symas Corp.           http://www.symas.com
  Director, Highland Sun     http://highlandsun.com/hyc/
  Chief Architect, OpenLDAP  http://www.openldap.org/project/