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OpenLDAP 2.4.29 available

OpenLDAP 2.4.29 is now available for download as detailed on our download page:

and should soon be available on all official mirrors:

This is a maintenance release and is made available for general use.  Users of OpenLDAP Software are encouraged to upgrade.

Significant contributors include:

	Howard Chu (Symas Corp)
	Hallvard Furuseth (University of Oslo)
	Quanah Gibson-Mount (VMware, Inc)

OpenLDAP 2.4.29 Release (2012/02/12)
    Fixed libldap MozNSS deferred initialization handling (ITS#7136)
    Fixed libldap MozNSS with TLSCertificateKeyFile not set (ITS#7135)
    Fixed slapd cn=config modification of first schema element (ITS#7098)
    Fixed slapd operation reuse (ITS#7107)
    Fixed slapd blocked writers to not interfere with pool pause (ITS#7115)
    Fixed slapd connection loop connindex usage (ITS#7131)
    Fixed slapd double mutex unlock via connection_done (ITS#7125)
    Fixed slapd check order in connection_write (ITS#7113)
    Fixed slapd slapadd to exit on failure (ITS#7142)
    Fixed slapd syncrepl reference to freed memory (ITS#7127,ITS#7132)
    Fixed slapd syncrepl to ignore some errors on delete (ITS#7052)
    Fixed slapd syncrepl to handle missing oldRDN (ITS#7144)
    Fixed slapd-mdb to handle overlays in tool mode (ITS#7099)
    Fixed slapd-mdb segfaults with page splits (ITS#7121)
    Fixed slapd-mdb cleanup on transaction abort (ITS#7140)
    Fixed slapd-mdb with attribute descriptions (ITS#7146)
    Fixed slapd-meta to correctly handle multiple targets (ITS#7050)
    Fixed slapd-monitor compare op to update cached entry (ITS#7123)
    Fixed slapd-perl initialization (ITS#7075)
    Fixed slapd-sql to properly initialize be_cf_ocs (ITS#7158)
    Fixed slapo-dds to properly exit when in tool mode (ITS#7099)
    Fixed slapo-rwm not leave empty lots with normalized attrs (ITS#7143)
    Fixed slapo-syncprov with already abandoned operation (ITS#7150)
    Fixed contrib/smbk5pwd uninitialized keys in shadowLastChange (ITS#7138)
    Build Environment
        Fixed ldapsearch build on windows (ITS#7156)
        Fixed test001 to skip back-ldif (ITS#7101)
        admin24 Fix typo (ITS#7117)

MD5 (openldap-2.4.29.tgz) = 9821ee7d3316c55030106589a6adb26e
SHA1 (openldap-2.4.29.tgz) = cc47d8dd94d51112b875988f9918734218666647