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OpenLDAP 2.2.30 available

OpenLDAP 2.2.30 is now available for download as detailed
on our download page:

and should soon be available on all official mirrors:

This is a maintenance release and is made available for
general use.  Users of prior OpenLDAP Software 2.2 are
encouraged to upgrade to this release, or the latest
2.3 release.

Significant contributors to this release include:
	Howard Chu (Symas)
	Pierangelo Masarati (SysNet)

Enjoy!  Kurt

OpenLDAP 2.2.30 Release
    Fixed slapd spurious deferred binding messages (ITS#3850, ITS#4158)
    Fixed back-ldap empty real/virtual naming ctx suffixmassage (ITS#4071)
    Fixed liblutil {CLEARTEXT} password scheme (ITS#4081,#4021)

MD5 (openldap-2.2.30.tgz) = 8c8af8070a8e404f61ec9169948cb326
SHA1 (openldap-2.2.30.tgz) = 083a67eeab5e310450f0ffd08af3129d35714942