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Symas offering OpenLDAP Training, first courses in October 2004

Symas Corporation, a frequent contributor to the
OpenLDAP Project, is now offering training courses:
  - Introduction to LDAP, Security, and X.500 Objects
  - Implementing Common LDAP Solutions
  - Designing LDAP Applications
The first round of these courses is scheduled for
18-22 October 2004 in San Francisco, California. See
<http://www.symas.com/training.shtml> for details.

In the future, a "training" page will be added to the
Project's web site to announce such 3rd party training
events.  Parties offering such training are encouraged
to contact <project@openldap.org> to have their events

DISCLAIMER:  Please note that these courses are not
being offered in conjunction with the OpenLDAP
Foundation.  The OpenLDAP Foundation does not accept
responsible for services and products offered by 3rd
parties.  Buyer be aware!

Enjoy!  Kurt