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OpenLDAP 2.2.15 released

OpenLDAP 2.2.15 is now available for download as detailed
on our download page:

and should soon be available on all official mirrors:

This is a maintenance release and is made available for
general use.  Users of prior versions of OpenLDAP Software
are encouraged to upgrade.

Significant contributors to this release include:
	Howard Chu (Symas)
	Jonghyuk Choi (IBM)
	Pierangelo Masarati (SysNet)
Enjoy!  Kurt

OpenLDAP 2.2.15 Release
    Fixed back-bdb DB_DEADLOCK memory leak bug (ITS#3213)
    Fixed back-bdb dbcache locking bug (ITS#3201)
    Fixed back-bdb ctxcsn locking bug
    Fixed back-bdb modify index corruption (ITS#3226)
    Fixed back-bdb leaking locks in tools (ITS#3245)
    Fixed back-bdb leaking locks in overlays (ITS#3255)
    Fixed back-hdb dn2id bug with unsigned chars
    Fixed back-ldap shared connections failover (ITS#3217)
    Fixed back-ldap validate/pretty values (ITS#3218)
    Fixed back-monitor/backglue clash in tool mode (ITS#3254)
    Fixed slapi slapi_int_compute_output_ber attrs bug
    Fixed slapd uniqueMember/nameUID bugs (ITS#3210)
    Fixed slapd uniqueMemberMatch empty DN portion bug (ITS#3247)
    Fixed slapd oidValidate 0 bug (ITS#3211)
    Fixed slapd operational attribute log message bug (ITS#3205)
    Fixed slapd pagedResults invalid cookie bug (ITS#3089)
    Fixed slapd group ACL locking bug (ITS#3173)
    Fixed slapd ACI caching bug (caching disabled, ITS#3215)
    Fixed slapd abandon/cancel pending bug
    Fixed slapd attribute description syntax bug
    Fixed slapadd dryrun mode (ITS#3244)
    Fixed libldap SASL re-encode bug
    Fixed libldap sasl_encode 64-bit bug (ITS#3054,3212)
    Fixed libldap matchedValues parsing bug (ITS#3208,3216)
    Fixed libldap DN '=' handling
    Fixed libldap_r runqueue bug
    Fixed librewrite empty rewriteContext leak (ITS#3256)
    Fixed ldapmodify controls input bug (ITS#3257)
    Updated libldap_r read/writer locks
    Build environments
        Added additional res_query detection for MacOS X
        Added default ldapi:// SSF build setting
        Fixed OPENLDAP_FD_SETSIZE macro handlling
        Fixed slapd linking on MS Windows
        Fixed backend module linking
        Misc. man page cleanup

MD5 (openldap-2.2.15.tgz) = c8b8693fe266db739b53e2719e9b29db