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OpenLDAP Developers' Day - Vienna - 18 July 2003

The OpenLDAP Project (www.openldap.org) will be holding its
second OpenLDAP Developers' Day in Vienna, Austria on
18 July 2003!

The conference brings together developers of OpenLDAP
Software from all over the world to discuss current and
future engineering efforts.   The conference will feature
presentations from numerous project contributors, a
panel discussion on design and architecture of OpenLDAP
Software, and a special keynote address.

Attendees are encouraged to present on their development
activities.  Those interested in a session slot should
contact <project@openldap.org>.

The conference is sponsored by PADL Software (www.padl.com)
and is organized by Net Boolean Incorporated on behalf of the
OpenLDAP Foundation.  The event is hosted by the University
of Vienna (www.univie.ac.at) Computer Center.

Registration is now open.  http://www.acteva.com/go/OpenLDAP
Register early and save $60!

Watch http://www.openldap.org/conf/odd-wien-2003/ for further

Enjoy!  Kurt

PS: help us get the word out, please forward this to
  parties you believe would be interested in attending.