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OpenLDAP 2.1.13 released

OpenLDAP 2.1.12 is now available for download as detailed on
our download page:

and should soon be available on all official mirrors:

This is a maintenance release and is made available for
general use.  Users of OpenLDAP 2.1 are encouraged
to upgrade at their convenience.

Enjoy!  Kurt

OpenLDAP 2.1.13 Release
    Fixed back-bdb group ACL deadlock bug (ITS#2195)
    Fixed back-bdb passwd hang bug (ITS#2122)
    Fixed slapd RDN handling (ITS#2243)
    Fixed slapd connections shutdown bug (ITS#2236)
    Fixed slap tools argument handling (ITS#2266)
    Fixed liblber PROTOS bugs (ITS#2275) (ITS#2280)
    Fixed liblber ber_flush debug level
    Fixed libldap stream readahead bug (IS#2305)
    Fixed libldap SASL null cred bug (ITS#2267)
    Fixed libldap SASL promts free bug (ITS#2325)
    Fixed slapd SASL anon bugs (ITS#2268)
    Fixed back-glue exceeded results bug (ITS#2299)
    Fixed back-glue search reference bug
    Fixed slurpd re NULL crash (ITS#2320)
    Changed slapd DNS reverse lookups default to off
    Updated slapd to remove pid and args files (ITS#2318)
    Updated slapd bind stats logging
    Updated slapd proxy authorization support
    Updated libldap TLS certificate checking (ITS#2161)
    Updated back-ldap, back-meta, back-sql
    Added slapd ACL caching
    Added slapd ACL set string expand (ITS#2285)
    Added slapd attribute options enhancement
    Added slapd ldapi:// SASL EXTERNAL support
    Added liblutil passwd sanity checks (ITS#2159)
    Build Environment
        Check back-bdb requirement for BDB 4.1
        Removed configure flags for deprecated features
        Misc man page updates
        Updated test suite

MD5 (openldap-2.1.13.tgz) = 17afd77fbfb9e25d7acf9d0e39c84f62