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Directory Interoperability Forum Hosts its 2nd Plugfest, January 29-31

Hi -

Test your applications for LDAP-Ready compliance! The DIF's 2nd Plugfest offers you the opportunity to test your applications for interoperability with popular servers from CA, IBM, Microsoft, Nexor, Novell, OpenLDAP, Oracle, and Sun, all at the same time and in the same location, and obtain an officially recognized certification your prospects and customers can trust. At our last Plugfest, 8 leading server vendors provided hardware and HP, PeopleSoft and SAP were among the 20 applications that tested and received The Open Group's previous certification Works with LDAP.

This event takes place January 29-31, 2003 in Burlingame, CA. The cost to participate is $1,500 (US) dollars, which includes a free pass to The Open Group's Boundaryless Information Flow Conference the following week at the same location.

Or, for the first time, you can participate remotely via the Web for $250.

More detailed information about this Plugfest and LDAP-Ready Certification is available at the DIF website - see http://www.opengroup.org/dif/dc10/. Register on the web, or contact me. We look forward to seeing you in Burlingame!

(I'm sorry if you receive this e-mail more than once. I believe this announcement is of interest to all LDAP developers and, unfortunately, there's no way to avoid duplication between independent lists.)



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