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LDAP Class Libraries for Java (JLDAP)

Novell <http://www.novell.com> recently contributed the LDAP Class
Libraries for Java (JLDAP) to the OpenLDAP Project.  JLDAP is a 
set of class libraries which implement the IETF LDAPext LDAP Java
API specification (draft 15).  Java applications may use JLDAP to
access any LDAPv3 directory including OpenLDAP 2.0 and Novell

With this contribution and their continued involvement in the
OpenLDAP Project, Novell repeatedly demonstrates their commitment
to making Internet directory services ubiquitous.

Packaged JLDAP network developer kits, documentation, and resources
are now available from Novell Developer's web site:

OpenLDAP home for JLDAP is at:

The source code is currently only available via CVS.  We hope to
make tarballs available soon.

Enjoy!  Kurt