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OpenLDAP 2.0.13 released

OpenLDAP 2.0.13 is now available for download as detailed on our
download page:
or from one of our mirrors:

This is a maintenance release and is made available for
general use.  The release includes numerous bug fixes and
a couple minor enhancements.

Release documents (including copyright, license, and changes) are
available at:

Enjoy!  Kurt

Changes since last release:

OpenLDAP 2.0.13 Release
    Fixed slapd substring filter_free bug
    Fixed slapd suffix check bug
    Fixed ldapdelete -c handling (ITS#1071)
    Fixed ldapsearch -S handling
    Fixed ldbm BerkeleyDB 3.0 support (ITS#1306)
    Fixed ldbm dbhandle cache bug (ITS#1164)
    Fixed shell fgets handling
    Fixed -lldap TLS ldap.conf handling
    Added -lldap improved TLS certificate checking
    Added slapd access to dn.base="" support