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OpenLDAP 1.2.12 released

OpenLDAP 1.2.12 is now available for download from our
FTP site or one of our mirrors:

This is a maintenance release and is made available for general
use.  The release includes a number of bug fixes and minor
enhancements, including some security related fixes.  Users of
previous OpenLDAP 1.2 releases are encouraged to upgrade.

Enjoy!  Kurt

Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.2.12
    Fixed slapd sb_max_incoming bug
    Fixed ldapmodify ldaphost NULL bug
    Fixed ldapsearch uninitialized fp bug
    Fixed Pth initialization bug
    Fixed libldap/add mod_bvalues typo
    Fixed ldappasswd crypt(3) crash (ITS#598)
    Fixed slapd/config.c MAXARGS boundary condition bug
    Fixed cn=monitor/config rdwr lock leak
    Fixed liblber exception handling bugs
    Build Environment
        Remove extra Digital UNIX symbol (ITS#590)
        Ignore make clean rm failure
        Fix ud install mode (ITS#633)