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web2ldap snapshot 20010408


I'd like to announce a new snapshot of web2ldap found on


You will probably ask yourself why the hell this guy publishes a new
snapshot for 0.9.0 although there were already some release
candidates for 0.8.4 available. The main reason is that I carefully
decided to make a major change in web session managment which has
consequences for the possible running modes:

I dropped support for running as stateless CGI-BIN or stateless
mod_python handler. Instead the possible modes are now solely
running as a multi-threaded stand-alone server or as a
multi-threaded FastCGI server.

The main benefit is that LDAPObject instances are kept persistent in
memory => there is no need to rebind for each hit anymore. This
greatly improves performance, enables gateway-side caching and
especially reduces security risks since the credentials do not have
to be stored at all.

To make it clear: For security reasons I will not release a CGI-BIN
mode web2ldap with disk-based web session managment!

The detailed change history can be found here:


Please test it! Installing is pretty convenient nowadays. Once you
have Python 2.0 and python-ldap installed you can simply extract the
tar.gz archive and simply run sbin/web2ldap.py.
You can also help with testing by (ab;-)using the on-line demo:


Thanks for reading that far...

Ciao, Michael.