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web2ldap.py 0.7.10

*** web2ldap.py 0.7.10 ***

I would like to announce a new version of web2ldap, a full-featured
LDAPv2+ client written in Python designed to run as web gateway.

It's available for free (GPL) from


The changes are documented on:


There's a demo up and running:


I would like to encourage users to heavily test this gateway and
report success or problems to feedback@web2ldap.de. You might want
to use the feedback form on


as a template for a mail.

Ciao, Michael.

Changes since 0.7.9:
- Automatically retrieve search root if available.
- New hierarchical configuration scheme (less configuration needed
  for each host).
- File templates for vCards and print table.
- Compability issues when running under Win32 fixed.
- Display attribute types as case-respecting as possible without
  being case-sensitive.
- Many small bug fixes and some code-cleaning.