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OpenLDAP 1.2 Released

        A N N O U N C E M E N T

        OpenLDAP 1.2

        The OpenLDAP Project is pleased to announce the availability
        of OpenLDAP release 1.2, a suite of the Lightweight Weight
        Directory Protocol servers, clients, utilities, and development tools.

        OpenLDAP is derived from University of Michigan LDAP release 3.3.

        This release includes the following components:

        - slapd - a stand-alone LDAP directory server
        - slurpd - a stand-alone LDAP replication server
        - ldapd - an LDAP-to-X.500 gateway server
        - centipede - an LDAP centroid generation and maintenance program
        - libldap - an LDAP client library
        - liblber - a lightweight BER/DER encoding/decoding library
        - ldif tools - data conversion tools for use with slapd
        - in.xfingerd - a finger-to-LDAP gateway server
        - go500 - a gopher-to-LDAP gateway server for searching
        - go500gw - a gopher-to-LDAP gateway server for searching and browsing
        - rcpt500 - an email-to-LDAP query responder
        - mail500 - an LDAP-capable mailer
        - fax500 - an LDAP-capable mailer that supports remote printing
        - LDAP tools - A collection of shell-based LDAP utility programs

        In addition, there are some contributed components:

        - ldapTCL - the NeoSoft TCL LDAP SDK 
        - php3-tool - a demonstration ldap interface written php3 
        - saucer - a simple command-line oriented client program
        - whois++d - a WHOIS++-to-LDAP gateway

        Changes from OpenLDAP 1.1
        - ldappasswd tool, password prompting, salted MD5/SHA1 support
        - ldaptcl, a TCP LDAP API from NeoSoft
        - platforms updates, and
        - numerous bug fixes and build changes.

        Changes from OpenLDAP 1.0
        - improved build environment with dynamic library support,
        - externally configurable client library support: ldap.conf(5),
        - improved password security features include SHA1, MD5, crypt(3)
          user and root passwords instead of clear-text password
        - integrated SDK and tools for MS NT,
        - platforms updates, and
        - numerous bug fixes and build changes.

        Changes from U. Mich release 3.3
        - TCP Wrappers support added to slapd,
        - Berkeley DB2 compatibility added to slapd,
        - ACL enhancements including Access by Group and POSIX regex(3) support,
        - platforms updates, and
        - numerous bug fixes and build changes.

        See the CHANGES file in the distribution for more details.


        This software is available under the OpenLDAP Public License.
        For download information is available at:



        The software is provided as is without any express or implied
        warranty, but there is a bug reporting mail address which is
        responded to on a best-effort basis:


        In addition, there are also a number of discussion lists
        related OpenLDAP.  A list of mailing lists is available at:


        The OpenLDAP home page containing lots of interesting information
        and online documentation is available at this URL:



        This release has been ported to many UNIX (and UNIX-like) platforms
        including AIX, Digital UNIX (OSF/1), FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux,
        NetBSD, NexTSTEP, OpenBSD, SCO, Solaris, SunOS, and Ultrix.

        The client libraries and some clients have also been ported to
        MS Windows 95/NT.