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Re: numericString syntax ...

At 01:41 PM 12/20/00 -0800, sanjay jain wrote:
>A quick question: 
>What is the character set for numericString syntax strings ? 

numericString is identical in syntax to a directoryString.
In X.500, this implies the character set is restricted by
a choice of printableString (subset of IA5), teletexString
(T.61), or universalString (UCS-2).

>Particularly, I am interested in knowing if '+'/'-' chars are 

Yes.  But note that "+1" and "1" are not equal by numeric
string matching rules... nor are "-1.0" and "-1".  Numeric
string matching is just like that of case ignore matching
with all spaces being ignored.

>RFC 2252 defines 'numericstring' in section 4.1 but it is not 
>referred in section 6.23 section where 'numericString' syntax 
>is defined. 

This is mostly described in X.520.  As noted in LDAPbis WG
discussions, more specific references to X.500 specifications
are needed.  All are, of course, welcomed to participate in
the LDAPv3 revision efforts.