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Re: draft-wood-ldapext-float-00.txt (was: Re: Unidentified subject!)

Rob Weltman wrote:
>   Why not just define a new syntax instead and let the server
> handle the collation?
> Rob
> Doug_A_Wood@tivoli.com wrote:
> > Please publish the attached document as an individual submission
> >
> > (See attached file: IETF float mapping.txt)

I agree with Rob.  Even if your proposal is deemed useful as a short
term solution, I think you should pursue the correct long term solution
as well and define a real LDAPv3 syntax for floating point numbers.  The
definition should be quite simple.

Mark Smith
iPlanet Directory Architect / Sun-Netscape Alliance
My words are my own, not my employer's.   Got LDAP?