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I (Lucas Bergman) did the original Windows port for FiveSight Technologies. People have probably noticed that FiveSight's OpenLDAP port site hasn't been updated for a while. I was eventually told that FiveSight didn't want to maintain the port any more, reasonable since FiveSight's main software product hasn't required an LDAP server for a while.

I have since taken over the Windows port as a volunteer project. I've got the web page and a couple of mailing lists already up, and I'm currently working on a Windows port of modern OpenLDAP versions. The web page is http://lucas.bergmans.us/hacks/openldap/. There's not much there yet, but at the least I suggest that people interested in a Windows version of OpenLDAP subscribe to the announcements mailing list. It is moderated and extremely low volume.

The binaries Lucas provides appear to be fairly old, based on OpenLDAP 2.2.x. They also are built with Berkeley DB 4.3, which is known to be unstable. Your best bet may be to set up a MinGW/MSYS build environment of your own and build the software yourself, or download a current release from Symas.
To the best of my knowledge Lucas has never contributed any Windows-related patches to the OpenLDAP code base. The current source code compiles and runs correctly using both gcc and MSVC; the compatibility fixes have been maintained by Howard Chu / Symas since 2001. Questions about OpenLDAP on Windows should just be directed to the usual OpenLDAP-Software mailing list.
My web page has been taken down so that people aren't tempted to download my binary distribution any longer. Downloading Windows binaries from Symas has been the clearly superior option for some time.
The only reason I am commenting here at all is that this page still has an amazing amount of search engine relevance, and I don't want there to be any appearance of controversy on this matter.
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