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LDAP to DNS gateway (see http://projects.alkaloid.net/e107_plugins/content/content.php?content.5)
ldap2dns is a program to create DNS (Domain Name Service) records directly from a LDAP directory. ldap2dns reduces all kind of administration overhead: No more flat file editing, no more zone file editing. After having installed ldap2dns, the administrator only has to access the LDAP directory. ldap2dns is designed to write ASCII data files used by tinydns from the djbdns package, but also may be used to write .db-files used by named as found in the BIND package.
Another set of useful tools for this task are Jeffry McNeil's zone2ldap, and Stig Venaas' LDAP sdb backend for BIND 9.1.x. Both can be found here: http://www.venaas.no/ldap/bind-sdb/ .
There is also the native ldapdns solution at http://ldapdns.sf.net
also have a look at ispman http://ispman.sf.net It uses the schema of LDAP sdb-backend and manages DNS information in LDAP. It is also useable with bind8. writes zone files from LDAP to disk. Might be an overkill if you only want to manage DNS.
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