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I tried to compile openldap 2.0.4 on a Sun Ultra 5, Solaris 8, with Sun Workshop 5.0. I got the following assertion failure from the incremental loader (ild):
ild: Fatal error -- Assertion failed: file "../src/fault-intolerant-io.c" line 113 Exiting
This happened during the loading of slapd. I applied the following Sun patches, which did not help: 107390-11, 107311-11, 107698-01, 107722-01, 107357-09, and 107289-05 in addition to the recommended patch set for Solaris 8. So I called Sun about this problem. Their three solutions/workarounds were:
a) Upgrade to Sun Workshop 6.0 compiler (costs dollars) b) Add the loadtime option "-xildoff" to the makefile if you are using
   debug mode (-g), to turn off incremental loading.
c) Replace the -g compile flag with -O, skipping debug compiling
   entirely.  This skips incremental loading.
I took option (c), and the build worked.
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