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The error usually occurs when the credentials (password) provided does not match the userPassword held in entry you are binding to.

The error can also occur when the bind DN specified is not known to the server.

Check both!

In addition to the cases mentioned above you should check if the server denied access to userPassword on selected parts of the directory. In fact, slapd always returns "Invalid credentials" in case of failed bind, regardless of the failure reason, since other return codes could reveal the validity of the user's name.

To debug access rules defined in slapd.conf, add "ACL" to log level.

See also: ldapadd(1) ldapdelete(1) ldapmodify(1) ldapmodrdn(1) ldapsearch(1) slapd.conf(5) (Xref) ldap_bind: No such object
Make sure the -D option has a valid value. Note that -D cn=root,dc=example is not the same as -D "cn=root,dc=example". The former is correct.
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