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Dear All,
How to set password-hash {CRYPT} ?
I want to encrypt user's password when create and modify users to LDAP. I use OpenLDAP 2.2.13-3 on Linux Enterprise 4
At first the default is MD5 algorithm but I need 'CRYPT' So I change the configuraton in 1. /etc/ldap.conf set comment to pam_password MD5 #pam_password MD5 and insert pam_password crypt pam_password crypt
2. /etc/openldap/slapd.conf insert password-hash {CRYPT} password-crypt-salt-format "$1$%.8s"
After I set configuration above, I call 'service ldap restart' command to restart service
The result shown in LDAP Browser are cleartext password when I add new user and set password.
How to set the configuration to encrypt password as a CRYPT algorithm ? What else do I have to set to make it works ?
Please help. Nat
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