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The MSVC project files mentioned here have been dropped from the distribution as of the OpenLDAP 2.2 release. They had not been actively maintained for a very long time. Anyone interested in adopting responsibility for these files should contact the project.
To avoid the problem of cr/lf vs nl between NT and Unix systems use Winzip 7 or later to decompress the tgz files. If you don't then the build dsw files will not work.
Start MSVC and open the workspace ldap\build\main.dsw (add the path where your project starts to the beginning of that path). That workspace includes all OpenLDAP projects necessary to build the SDK, client tools, slapd server, and various other applications.

Use the Build|Set Active Configuration menu to select the build - Win32 Debug configuration.

Hopefully you'll read this before you get started. If not, it's no big deal, you may just have a little more work to do. The first thing to do, of course is get the source tree from CVS or one of the zip files. Once it's in place, you'll need to add BerkeleyDB, Cyrus SASL, and POSIX regex packages to your systems.
(Xref) Cyrus SASL
(Xref) POSIX Regex
(Xref) Sleepycat's Berkeley DB
Once you have these packages installed you need to adjust your MSVC directory search paths (Tools | Options | Directories) such that applications can locate the required headers and libraries.
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